Review by Mark Speller of This Is The Music

Lee Michael Stevens, a solo star hailing from London is set to release his debut album Part Time Rock ‘N’ Roll Star.

It’s been 10 years in the making but took just 7 days to record at Sunshine Corner Studios in Hampshire.

The album consists of 10 songs, including previously released singles:  I Miss U Now; Broken Hearted Britain; and 2022s I Feel The Love;

Across the album, Lee‘s passionate and powerful vocal shines through as he sings about subjects that are clearly close to his heart. The main theme of the album is that feeling you get of being in love and being loved by somebody.  

The majority of the album has that classic indie rock/pop vibe, however Alone has a funk vibe and Life Won’t Get Me Down (a high point in an album that is full of the) has a blues vibe which act as a joyous surprise, and keeps you guessing as to what is coming next. Despite his roots indie rock, Lee has pulled off both these additional genre's very well indeed.

However, my personal favourite song from the album, is the closer I Feel The Love. It’s a modern day anthem, with plenty of piano, acoustic guitar and bouncing drums which are supported by the addition of strings. The strings really come to the fore in the second half of the song and the way they take over on the outro (with a powerful female vocal from  Kerry Barnard Schultz) is pure drama and simply stunning. You will get an instant vibe of of film ending: maybe the producers of Bond should give this a listen as you can see it fitting in perfectly.

Part Time Rock ‘N’ Roll Star is a great debut album and showcases Lee‘s talent as songwriter. He has gone under the radar to date, but this album will catch the attention of many and bring his talent to the fore.

'Broken Hearted Britain'

Released: 27th September 2021

Review by Whisperin & Hollerin (Ireland)

Written by Christopher Nosnibor

"Broken Hearted Britain the second single to be taken from ‘Part-Time Rock 'N' Roll Star’, the debut solo album from Lee Michael Stevens, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist of The Swagger, is a mellow, slightly psych-hued slice of indie at heart, with some classic Beatles-esque harmonies filling out the chorus.

With its downbeat, vaguely melancholic hue, the acoustic-led ‘Broken Hearted Britain’ sends an ultimate message of hope, but listening to it right now, it’s hard not to feel despondent. But hope is important, or we have nothing, so we can thank – and not with the banging of pots and pans and ostentatious virtue signalling but by quiet appreciation – LMS for delivering a nice tune just when we need it.

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'Broken Hearted Britain'

Released: 27th September 2021

Review by ThisIsTheMusic

Written by Mark Speller

"Broken Hearted Britain', which is set to feature on Lee‘s debut album  
"Part-Time Rock 'N' Roll Star" (set for release on 9th April
is a heartfelt song about love, hope and dreaming of better things to come.

The song will resonate with many and demonstrates Lee’s capability of writing lyrics that encapsulates people’s feelings.

I Miss U Now
Released: 26th July 2021

Review by NYC The Big Takeover Magazine

Written by Kevin Burke

"The North London-based artist Lee Michael Stevens steps away from The Swagger to take audiences on a personal journey.
His first solo single “I Miss U Now”, co-wrote with brother Paul Stevens, is a taste of a long-player due in 2022,
and it is a tantalising prospect. Here Lee is soaking up the atmosphere under the grey London sky.

Both Britpop and balladesque, there is a lot to unpack from “I Miss U Now”.
It is acoustic but energetic, with a thread of humanity, love and loss pulsing throughout.
Both the production by Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard, and the string arrangements by David Tims add beauty to the otherwise streetwise themes.
In some ways it is obviously reminiscent of The Swagger,
though there is a lot more of the personality of Lee Michael Stevens on display, teetering between sneering confidence and hopeless heartbreak. All-in-all a cracking first step in what promises to be a worthwhile journey"

I Miss U Now 

Released: 26th July 2021

Review by Mods Of Your Generation
Written by Chris Mathews

'I Miss U Now' is an out and out rock n roll love song, the song does exactly what it says in the title,
it’s a song about missing someone you love deeply and a song we can all relate to
and its got a brilliant upbeat melody to it instead of your usual boring love songs. For me its got a big nod of the head
to the one and only Mr Richard Ashcroft which can only be a good thing,
if you’re an Ashcroft/britpop/90’s indie fan then this is for you and a brilliant introduction
of what to look forward to from Lee Michael Stevens and his new album.

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I Miss U Now
Released: 26th July 2021

(Review by This Is The Music UK)
Written by Mark Speller

"I Miss U Now is the debut release from London singer songwriter Lee Michael Stevens.

Lee was formally in a band called The Swagger playing rhythm guitar and lead vocals and inspired by lockdown has decided to go solo and has plans to tour the world.

Set for release on Monday 26th July, I Miss U Now is an extremely catchy Ashcroft influenced love song, which as the song develops builds and builds sees strings enter the mix giving the song a real atmospheric feel"

“Your on my mind twenty four seven”

I Miss U Now is a brilliant debut single,  the future looks very bright for Lee and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Catch Lee live when he supports legendary punk princess  Toyah at Cambridge Junction on Friday 29th October; which follows hot on the heels of support lots with The Real People and Mark Morriss of The Bluetones.

I Miss U Now, is the debut single from the forthcoming debut album,  "Part-Time Rock 'N' Roll Star", set for release in the summer of 2022.

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'I Miss U Now'
Released: 26th July 2021

Review by Luminous Dash (Netherlands)
Written by Bart Verlent

"I Miss U Now is the first single from the forthcoming solo album "Part-Time Rock 'N' Roll Star"

 and is about missing your great love during the lockdown or another situation.

Musically, Lee Michael Stevens put the Oasis influences aside for a while. With this single he gets the mustard from The Verve. With rich string arrangements he builds up a fairly modest love Britpop single"

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